Friday, December 19, 2008

Married With Children

Okay, a little bit of comic relief for the weekend, based on an exchange my wife told me about.

We had a "computer guy" come over and "clean up" our computer because it appeared to have some viruses. The rather detached and deadpan fellow arrived and sat down in front of the device. Not long after he asked, "Do you have any alcohol?"

This seemed a little bit unusual, so my wife asked, half-jokingly, "Do you need a drink?" Maybe our computer viruses were more serious than we thought, or maybe this was a different kind of "computer guy" than we were used to.

"Rubbing alcohol," he corrected. It was duly obtained, and he went to work with it, removing, of course, some old peanut butter and assorted bits of "sticky stuff" adorning the mouse and keyboard (hadn't even noticed). So we got computer maintenance and detailing as well. He charged extra to detail the children though, so that will have to wait. (We're not dirty people, really, I think he must have been on the fastidious side--not that there's anything wrong with that).

Note to self: no more late-night PB & J while blogging.

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Anonymous said...

You do realise that computer guys are able to make in-depth character and habit analyses based purely on the microscopic specks of grime on your keyboard and mouse, and then charge fees accordingly?

'Sticky stuff' -- my god! What does your wife think?