Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's Try This Again

Picking up where Ars Psychiatrica left off (trailed off?), Blue to Blue will contain observations--and sometimes flights of fancy--related to psychology and the arts (both broadly construed). As compared to its prequel, you may notice three minor modifications:

1. A more minimalist look. I'm sure I'll add a few more touches over time.

2. I am giving Twitter a try; as I enjoy both prolific Web links and pithy, gnomic utterances (both my own and others'), it may offer more than merely a waste of time (Twitter-fritter). If you will sign up to follow, I will spare you the burden of Too Much Information (about my daily doings, that is, not to mention...unmentionables).

3. I have reverted to quasi-anonymity. No particular problem arose from my name attached to the other blog, and no blogger enjoys absolute anonymity anyway, but I find that I feel a bit freer with the added degree of discretion.

Thanks for reading.

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