Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fiat Lux

"The worst lack all conviction
While the best are full of passionate intensity..."

Yeats (paraphrased)

It is disorienting to have a national leader who is curious, articulate, and gracious toward those with different views. It is like waking up with 10 more IQ points--and better manners besides.

I'm sure many are having similar reflections this morning, but in my 39 years the only two other instances of such profound change I can remember feeling in my gut this way were the break-up of the Soviet Union and 9/11.

I hope my children can grow up with eight years of this.


vanderleun said...

With all due respect, I think, in the end you'll find that Yeats had it the right way round.

therapydoc said...

Just being himself he dealt a blow to racism.

Anonymous said...

bush and Obama create a beautiful symmetry in history - like bi-polar disorder.

Extremes can be a wonderful thing..