Tuesday, November 4, 2008

North Carolina "battleground" Dispatch

1. On rural roads down here one sees almost exclusively McCain/Palin signs; in the cities, of course, not.

2. Some 2.6 million people in North Carolina voted early, roughly 40% of registered voters.

3. It is chilly and rainy in central North Carolina this morning, but there was still a one hour wait at my rural precinct when it opened at 6:30 A.M.

4. At the end of the long line when polls opened, out by the parking lot, a fellow was handing out "sample ballots." They were ballots, alright, but except for the presidential race, which was unmarked, all of the other races were marked Republican. A handwritten note at the bottom helpfully explained that the marks reflected the "constitutionally correct" positions on several issues. When I emerged an hour later, he was gone.

5. Voter name and address were requested and were checked off in the book, but no I.D. of any kind was required. On the basis of such casual procedures the near future of the free world is decided...


John J. Coupal said...

"...but no I.D. of any kind was required." Wow!

North Carolina may dominate Kentucky in basketball, but at least we voters in Kentucky must have proper I.D. to vote, and most voters show their driver's license which includes their photo.

That's scary, not the basketball part, but the voting part.

Unknown said...

Ohio didn't start requiring ID until a few years ago, and I always found it somewhat alarming that anyone could walk in, copy your signature, and vote your ballot. Never heard of that happening, tho.

Just received word that NC officially went "blue." Good job!

Anonymous said...

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