Monday, March 23, 2009


I had seen this local piece not long ago (by J. Peder Zane on the Twitter phenomenon) and then saw it again today on Arts and Letters Daily.

Do I need Twitter? Will it enhance my life? Or is this the tipping point at which my nervous system finally falls a fatal step behind the curve, starting the long stagger into senescence?

Shall I disturb the universe with Tweets? (That always reminds me of Peeps, the appallingly sweet and gooey Easter candy my kids love). More importantly, could I do so with a straight face?

What would Harrison Bergeron say?

What would Emily say?

No bobolink -- reverse His Singing
When the Only Tree
Ever He minded occupying
By the Farmer be --

Clove to the Root --
His Spacious Future --
Best Horizon -- gone --
Whose music be His
Only Anodyne --
Brave Bobolink --

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Anonymous said...

Evolution in real-time: humans inventing ever more ingenious and sophisticated ways to connect on the most banal level.

We can only resist for a time. Inevitably, we all end up watching in knowing horror/delight as the immortal crumbs of life we scatter fossilise our lonely existences.