Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Hiatus

"Is it a world to hide virtues in?"

Twelfth Night

In a few days we'll take the young 'uns by car, plane, ship, and roller-coaster on the tragically American quest for the perfect vacation. Off the grid for the most part, so this site will be idle for a couple of weeks.

Eight months and 185 posts in, I'm growing a little restless with the format here. I guess that's what drives one to blog in the first place, restlessness that is. I'm not done yet, but it may be time for a reboot of some kind. You know, get back to first principles, whatever those might be.


Anonymous said...

As long as it's not Disneyland - that would be tragic.

Leon's current assignment said...

Travelin' mercies and bon voyage.

Regarding restlessness as a drive to blog, I threw my hat in the ring as a purely experiential participant-observer experiment after reading about the phenomenon in either The Atlantic or Harper's. Oh what I have learned and continue to glean.

Now if you'll excuse me, Annie Oakley and "The American Experience" beckons.

Looking forward to whatever arises upon your return.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell people you are restless. You might have a diagnosable condition!!!

Retriever said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you keep at it. I really enjoy your posts and all the commentators. If you run out of steam, just keep posting your poetry favorites! They are great to my eye and mind.

Pete said...

Hope you have a great holiday, Novalis and that it provides some good grist for the mill of blogging! Hope you continue the blogging a little while longer - it would be sad to lose you. Cheers, Pete