Friday, September 18, 2009

Still Kicking

The blog may be dying a slow death, but I'm not (well, no more so that we all are, really). A great deal has been going on here of the family and relationship variety, and in so overwhelming an emotional fashion as to make blogging matters seem quaint by comparison. But life requires quaintness as well as intensity, the abstract as much as the visceral, so whether I will regain the appetite for blogging that I had last year--whether I any more feel the need for that--I don't know, but the final word has not been written.


Retriever said...

Ecclesiastes 3. Also, there's a nice phrase from the old BCP about how the Lord settest the solitary in families. Presumably for our good!

Anonymous said...

Oh, keep kicking! We always look forward to your insights, wisdom, slant on life etc.. yes, keep 'kicking against the pricks' of life.

Chaos is always reconfigurable into infinte forms of liveable new order.

'People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles' ~ Emily Dickinson