Monday, April 5, 2010


It troubled me as once I was --
For I was once a Child --
Concluding how an Atom -- fell --
And yet the Heavens -- held --

The Heavens weighed the most -- by far --
Yet Blue -- and solid -- stood --
Without a Bolt -- that I could prove --
Would Giants -- understand?

Life set me larger -- problems --
Some I shall keep -- to solve
Till Algebra is easier --
Or simpler proved -- above --

Then -- too -- be comprehended --
What sorer -- puzzled me --
Why Heaven did not break away --
And tumble -- Blue -- on me --



Anonymous said...

No reason ever fell an atom of delusion. An atom of delusion can fell all reason.

Novalis said...

Delusion can only be diluted, not eliminated.

The Cuke said...

Thanks for sharing this; I like it and hadn't heard it before.