Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Identity Crisis

Christine O'Donnell has a new ad in which she not only distances herself from witchcraft, but also boldly (and baldly) asserts, "I am you." Really? So politicians are now inserting themselves not only into my living room but into my very psyche? Obviously she meant that she is like me or shares my values (which she doesn't), but the difference between simile and metaphor is significant here. I'm spending the morning repairing my boundaries.


Retriever said...

Politicians are necessary evils. She's not you or me or anyone but herself. I don't know who dreamed up THAT ad campaign. She's really pretty. I wonder why she never got married?

Whenever I get too revolted by our crew of looting political jackasses on either side of the political divide, I remind myself how infinitely worse it is in countries where there is no open political debate, in military dictatorships like the ones in Latin America when I was a kid, under Hitler's National Socialism, or in places like Afghanistan or the various Muslim countries or African tribal nations.

For the time being these politicians are our bread and circusses while the real powers in the land, the super rich, pull their strings and pay them all off. The rest of us are just sliding into the peasantry, slowly but surely. Our children will be poor and envy our present comforts. Cheery, aren't I? (Home sick with a horrible cold, ignore my feverish rant)

Novalis said...

Good points--I am reminded of the portrait of Kim Jong-il required to be hung in every North Korean home. In every society there is the impulse (on both sides) for leaders to merge with the led. Some states manage this impulse better than others.

Delia Lloyd said...

Just wanted to say that I love your blog and this was the best reaction I've seen yet to the whole witch ad. Keep it coming!

Delia Lloyd

Novalis said...

Thank you kindly--your blog looks good, I've added it to the list.

Dr X said...

"I'm spending the morning repairing my boundaries."

I feel your pain.